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Writer, Producer & Director


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I am a freelance development assistant within factual and scripted TV. Having worked for several production companies and television networks including ITV Studios, Raw TV, FreshOne TV and Idris Elba’s production company Green Door Pictures.


I produce documentaries and web series under my production company ‘Kashif Boothe Entertainment’


Kashif Boothe Entertainment is an award winning independent production company, which specialises in producing documentaries, web series’ and short films. From summer 2015 to winter 2016 they released a 3 part documentary series on relationships which was selected for the 2016 Ozark Shorts Film Festival and was selected as the editors top pick on hiive.co.uk w/c March 7th 2016. In Spring 2016 KBE released the documentary 'Being Light Skinned', it was selected into the 23rd Annual African American Film Marketplace and S.E Manly Short Film Festival Showcase in Hollywood, California, was screened at the event forum ‘Afrocentrikal’ and featured on various online magazines. In September 2016 KBE released the doc series 'What Is Good Hair?' and was screened at the Voices of Colour event in November 2016. November 2016 also saw the release of the comedy web series Nate & Jamie which won Favourite Web Series Ensemble at the 2018 Screen Nation Digital is Media Awards. In spring 2017 KBE released three short documentaries covering cultural appropriation, the stereotype of the angry black woman and on the controversial article by Satoshi Kanazawa that black women are physically the least attractive which was selected into the 24th Annual African American Film Marketplace and S.E Manly Short Film Festival Showcase in Hollywood, California.
In March 2018 KBE released the drama web series ‘Imperfect’, which is the spinoff to the web series Nate & Jamie. KBE also premiered the talk show they are exec producing entitled ‘Talk That Matters’ created by Proph Music.



Talk That Matters is the upcoming talk show created by Proph and is executive produced by me premiering in April. 
The talk show features men from talking about issues that matter.
The spin-off to Nate & Jamie Imperfect premieres March 29th. The Upcoming drama series starts Lauren Douglin  (Michelle) and Abbie Samuel (Sam)
My web series Nate & Jamie won favourite web series ensemble at the 2018 Screen Nation Digital Is Media Awards 
Season 2 will premiere in Summer 2018



Tel: 07961 291 919​


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Being Light Skinned features men and women from Black and Asian cultures discussing the misconceptions of being light skin. There is a arguably a general view within Black and Asian cultures that light skin men and women think they are better than dark skinned people and they are more successful as actors, musicians because they appeal to a mainstream audience and they have 'good hair'. In this documentary it challenges this perception and also enlightens audiences on the challenges they face being light skin, their opinion on the light skin vs dark skin debate within Black, Latin and Asian cultures and on why they think skin bleaching is popular. 

Nate & Jamie is a comedy series starring Joshua Samuels and OgaSamuel Williams. The show is set in London and centered on the antics of two mischievous young adults Nate (OgaSamuel Williams) and Jamie (Joshua Samuels). The first season follows Jamie and the ups and downs of his new relationship with Michelle (Lauren Douglin). Nate gets into a lot of situations he’d rather avoid; he has good intentions but ends up in getting caught in tricky situations.

Princess McDonnough stars as Eva in the rom-com Orioh, directed by Kashif Boothe, about the struggle of staying with the guy everyone expects her to be with Ayo (Jordan Okai), or the falling for the guy who treats her like a Queen (James Barton). Crazy best friend, Yasmin (Dionne Sakupwanya), helps her through the way despite the love problems of her own and is especially helpful when Eva finds herself having to make the final tormenting decision of which guy to be with -- the decision she makes could determine if the rumours people have spread about her are true or not.

What Is Good Hair? features black and mixed race women who choose to rock their natural hair. In this documentary they share their experiences, the misconceptions and whether women who wear weaves, relax or straighten their hair are conforming to european standards. The purpose of this documentary is to show that there is no such thing as good or bad hair. 

Why is natural afro hair and curly hair so political?

Do You Use The N-Word? features interviews with Black, Asian, White and Oriental men and women, sharing their opinion on the N-word, in what context they use it, why they think the use of the word has become increasingly popular amongst young people and if they think the N-Word has a place in music and in today's society.


How Do We Define Cultural Appropriation?  covers 'Whoopi Golberg's' controversial comments on 'The View' that black women who wear weave are culture appropriating white culture, Marc Jacob's Fall fashion show 2016 which featured models with dreadlocks and MTV UK calling conrows, 'boxer braids'. 


The purpose of this documentary is to highlight the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. There is nothing wrong with men and women from different cultures having hairstyles commonly used by Black or Asian men and women. It becomes a problem when it is being called something else. 


Black Women Are Too Tough To Handle? features interviews with young black men and women, as I wanted to get different opinions and perceptions of ‘the angry black women stereotype’. The men share why they have said darker skinned women are too tough to handle and the women give examples why they think the perception exists.

Black Women Are Physically The Least Attractive? I wanted to produce this documentary after seeing the treatment of Leslie Jones in 2016. Leslie Jones was branded as Gorilla in July 2016 when the movie Ghostbusters premiered and was bombarded with racist tweets because the remake of the original 80s film featured an all female cast. Serena Williams, arguably the greatest tennis players of all time, she is called ugly, a monkey and a man. Serena has dark skin, has full lips, a curvaceous and athletic body, her appearance is unapologetically black. But is branded as ugly, why?

What Do Guys Think of Relationships is a documentary which features 10 interviews with men giving their thoughts and opinions of what they think of relationships from a series questions. 

I created this documentary to show what men want out of a relationship. There is a general of view that when a guy meets a girl, all he wants sex. This documentary is to show a different side of men and find out what they really want out of a relationship.

What Do Women Think of Relationships is a documentary which features 8 interviews with giving their thoughts and opinions on what they think of relationships from several questions. 

I created this documentary for women to tell men what they really want out of a relationship. In relationships when men think of women, they think women want to settle down get married and have kids but that might not always be true. 

What Do Gay Men & Lesbian Think of Relationships is a documentary which features 4 Gay Men and 1 Lesbian Woman giving their thoughts and opinions on what they think of relationships from several questions.   There is arguably is a general view that Gay Men are not faithful and that being in a Lesbian relationship is easier than being in a relationship with a straight man. I created this documentary to educate audiences on what it is really like to be in a Gay/Lesbian relationship. 


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